Do Good. Look Good.

When we started Mud and Magnolias it was with a dream much bigger than clothes. After years of working and serving in places where it seemed there was major economic inequalities, we allowed ourselves to start dreaming. What if we could offer a job to some of our friends that we have met over the years? Would it even put a dent in changing the trajectory of their lives? We didn't know. We still aren't sure, but we are driven to find out. 

We exist to create jobs for people. Right now, we are in the beginning stages of building a brand and a business. But even now we have purpose. We know that there are many companies and organizations that have already done what we want to do. It is so exciting to see that others have taken a step of faith and are succeeding. We watch them and learn from them and are here cheering them on. We want to highlight these companies that have inspired us to keep going. This week we want to highlight a company named Redeem United. 

Redeem United exists to reach, restore, and empower families to have the tools they need to raise their families. They are located in Gonaives, Haiti. Mark and Avry St. Peter's heart began to grow when Avry took a trip to Haiti in 2013. Once you see such injustices, you cannot un see it. As the years passed, they found themselves taking more trips and God began to stir their hearts for the people of Haiti. 

In 2018, the St. Peter's moved their family to make a permanent home in Gonaives. Thus, Redeem United was born. They exist to invest in families living in poverty stricken countries through a comprehensive approach that focuses on maternal care, education, economic opportunity, health care, discipleship, and community outreach.

They have highlighted on their website that there are 300,000 orphans in Haiti. 80% of the orphans have a living parent. Yes, you heard that right. THEY HAVE A LIVING PARENT. As a parent, no one wants to see their children suffer. The best option given to them at the time is to put them in an orphanage because they know they will have their needs and cares met. 

Since knowing the St. Peter's, we have seen them pour their lives into the people of Haiti. They work endless hours making sure needs are met and their friends feel loved and secure. They continue to fight the economic struggles on a daily basis. 

For example, when there is no fuel, the hospitals will stop functioning. In Avry's words, "I’m assuming because people can’t get to work or are choosing not to spend more money getting to work than they’re actually paid." So what happens to those who need medical care? There isn't an urgent care to go to. There isn't a plethora of pharmacies with every medication you can imagine for your ailment. 

This is part of what they are doing in Haiti. Stepping in where the system may fail. Watching them pour their lives into others, inspires us to keep going. For months, we have been dreaming, saving, planning on how we can help. We have our Love Hard t-shirts on our website that 100% of the profits are saved to pour into Redeem United. We are hopeful that we will be able to provide the mothers in Haiti a means to take care of their families. We want to do this by helping them create a product to sell. 

So what can you do? If you want to help in any way there are a number of ways to do that.

1. Go to Redeem United's website and donate directly here.

2. Organize a bead and supply fundraiser. We are in the process of gathering beads and supplies to send to the mothers in Haiti to be able to support their families by selling the items that they create, such as beaded bracelets. A strand of beads can cost us anywhere from $7.00 to $20.00. If this is the direction you are inspired to go, please contact us here and we will help you organize your fundraiser.

3.  Purchase a Love Hard t-shirt. The proceeds of this shirt will go to Redeem United by allowing us to purchase supplies needed to send them.

4. Lastly, pray. Pouring yourselves out on a daily basis while constantly fighting economic struggles can exhaust anyone. When you think about it, pray for the St. Peter's and the work they are doing in Haiti.